The Way of the Boonie Groove

Dwayne Boone is a Philadelphia-based artist. Born and raised in Germantown, Dwayne began to draw at an early age and his passion for making art has been a common thread throughout his life. He finds inspiration in both his day-to-day life and people, events, and imagery portrayed in popular media. Often his work both celebrates and interrogates the prevalence of pop culture in American life. His style is influenced by the colorful, lyrical work of post-Impressionists like Matisse and Picasso, as well as the free-form vibrancy of funk, hip-hop, and R&B. His work has been exhibited nationally and internationally at galleries including Space 1026, apexart, Fleisher/Ollman, Second State Press, and Art Projects Australia.

Thank you for your support!
My name is Dwayne Boone; an emerging Philadelphia-based artist & entrepreneur.
The “Boonie Groove” is my way of working; it is the flow of energy I ride to success. When in my groove the past, challenges, and temptation have no power and all things can be faced one at a time.


Dwayne also works on commissions, so if you have a blank space in your life let Dwayne know!

View all of Dwayne’s Exhibition History and Other Projects Here

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