Dwayne uses drawing as a daily meditation on the world around him. His methodical practice in this activity helps him see the rhythms in the world translated into line, form and color. He finds inspiration in pop culture portraits, faces from media, places in his life, dreams, and the diverse beauty of the natural world. Dwayne works with intention, rarely erasing, each mark an elaboration of the act of drawing. Dwayne uses his practice as a contemplative response to bring his own sense of order to the constant overflow of information in the modern world.


Through investigations in the world of printmaking, Dwayne has taken some of his daily drawings and transformed them into designs for block printing, silkscreens, risographs and etchings. Dwayne likes the power of printmaking to produce series which he then might hand-color. Dwayne has had great success with his block print portraits and loves to work with themes of prominent Black History figures and iconic Philly imagery.


Sometimes Dwayne likes to go big and throw down some color. With bold compositions arrived at through many drawings, Dwayne brings his own groove to the canvas. A prolific painter, Dwayne finds it hard to find places to put all of his paintings. Many have been on view internationally at various galleries and exhibitions. Dwayne also works on commissions, so if you have a blank space in your life let Dwayne know!

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